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Delta Echo Marine Trading & Consulting Cyprus Ltd

Delta Echo Marine was established in 2016 and is currently based in Larnaca, Cyprus.

Delta Echo Marine was founded in order to offer reliable services, mainly in the maritime and industrial sectors with a wide scope of experience and firm understanding of the subjects, by representing innovative, pioneering companies from all over the world and also by providing consulting services before after or independent of any sale.

The services we can offer to our clients - a list that is ever expanding - include but are not limited to:

• Equipment and Spares for ICCP and MGPS systems of most recognized brands.

• Hull and ballast tank anodes, aluminum or zinc, of highest quality

• Stern tube seals for all systems, like SIMPLEX, KOBELCO, WARTSILA, JOHN CRANE, JMT, WAUKESHA, DOVER, IHC, NEPTUNE, and CHUETSU WAUKESHA from very reliable manufacturers in Europe.

• Stern tube shaft bearings repair and re-plating of white metal, with centrifugal casting • Spare parts for Main Engines, Aux. Engines, Turbochargers, Purifiers, from reliable sources in Japan, Korea, China and Europe.

• Microbial test kits for onboard fuel testing

• Specialized cleaning chemicals for tank cleaning & cargo holds cleaning

• Wallwash test kits for chemical tank testing

• Cargo grabs, remote controlled type, from top class manufacturers. We can offer grabs fitted with very reliable remote-control systems and electrical cabling, installed and tested by our associates.

We have, so far, been honored by being assigned the representation of:

• Ringmer Trading & Consulting Ltd, who are the exclusive agents of ADERCO MARINE– Fuel additives, for Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Fyrom and Serbia

• CONIDIA BIOSCIENCE – Fuelstat Diesel Plus microbial test kit

• HACH USA – Rapid Ballast Water Validation Test Kit

• ACM Bearings

Delta Echo Marine takes pride in being able to provide assistance to its clients by, promptly and responsibly, answering a wide array of issues.

Delta Echo Marine believes in treating its clients with the respect they deserve and rewarding their trust by providing the best services possible.

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